The Benefits of Investing in a Made-to-Measure Kitchen

The term “made to measure” can be confusing.

There’s no doubt that the kitchen industry uses the term “made to measure” to describe a wide range of approaches, include mass produced modular units that are offered at appealing prices but that cant count as genuine made to measure. Collecting together a group of standard-sized kitchen cabinets and calling them a kitchen is quite different to a genuine made to measure bespoke kitchen

Let’s take an example. Windsor Castle’s great kitchen was built in the 1300s, in the reign of King Edward III. So efficient, and so essential, was the kitchen design that it remained largely unchanged until the palace fire in 1992 after which some refurbishment was undertaken.

One thing we can be sure about, is that it was a made to measure kitchen, from its several standing wooden units, each with a made to measure kitchen worktop designed for its purpose: marble for pastry, copper for fish and meat etc, through to specialist windows to cast light on special dessert creations.

Sounds regal? Absolutely. But it’s also the kind of real wooden kitchen that is available to anybody who chooses a genuine made to measure option rather than something put together from modular units.

Of course, we can’t have the kind of made to measure kitchen that King Edward III enjoyed - but it is possible to have wonderful carpentry-built kitchen units that are carefully designed and constructed to enhance your home.

In a time when instant effect can seem like everything, we at Andrei Anthony believe that the long lasting pleasure of a made to measure kitchen will bring a permanent sense of well-being to your home and anybody who enters it.

Measuring timber

A made to measure kitchen brings value to your home

There are several significant reasons that made to measure can bring value in your home:

  1. Investing in a made to measure kitchen ensures that your home contains elegance and a customised interior that reflects your personality.
  2. You are free to maximise the potential of your kitchen, such as floor to ceiling cabinets or even elegant hanging storage furniture floating over your kitchen island.
  3. Handmade kitchens can adapt appliances into the kitchen set up to keep the synergy throughout the kitchen cabinetry.
  4. Joinery features that exceed expectation create a character rich, independent and unique aspect to your home.
  5. A made to measure kitchen allows your own personality speak though its design, rather than using the common design language that mass-produced kitchen manufactures have available and use repetitively.
  6. It allows you to express your uniqueness and surround yourself with what speaks to you.

Factoring in everything the hand-made way

Our cabinets are configured down to the millimetre to ensure your made-to-measure kitchen serves its true purpose. It’s our priority to ensure we satisfy our customers and we feel privileged to be in the handcrafting industry offering our skillset to our valued customers.

Whether your home has heritage features or modern structural characteristics like beams or oversized glass, we can capture this in our surveys and adapt these features into our well defined kitchen creation.

The Andrei Anthony approach focuses on craftsmanship from the very beginning. We gather precise measurements which we combine with your home’s individual characteristics. We design a kitchen that is uniquely fitted to your space, and which reflects your personality and lifestyle and share this vision with you so that you can visualise your future kitchen even before we begin work.

Made to measure kitchens offer unlimited options

The true meaning of made to measure is that you can configure anything and everything relating to your kitchen, and we at Andrei Anthony have the skillset to make your made to measure kitchen come true.

Sometimes people wonder if they need a made to measure kitchen when their home is a standard shape and size. However, the true value of a made to measure kitchen is not just in how it fits into a space but how it optimises light and space. In addition, a made to measure kitchen will be perfectly designed to fit with your habits and choices, incorporating carefully thought out features that will give you a sense of enjoyment every time you enter your kitchen.

If you’re ready to discover just how wonderfully a hand-made kitchen can fit into your life, why not contact us for a consultation?


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