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It can be difficult to visualise things that aren't there, which is why good design is so important.

How did it all begin? The English countryside is vastly scattered with forests and fields that carry most of the organic material that was originally used to create bespoke hand-made kitchens. Today our materials are sourced in a controlled manner but the land still speaks of the character that we embed within our cabinetry.

We are committed to creating spaces that are both elegant and comforting and pay homage to modern and traditional English country style living.

Witnessing the bold and beautiful oak tree that signifies longevity and the rich colour we are surrounded by that changes with the season. Perhaps dining in an old English pub that is decorated with the traditional joinery that echoes the craftsmanship skill of past generations.

In essence the organic materials and joinery methods used in the past are all inspiring elements that we grasp and implement back into our joinery and elegant kitchen designs.

This is why we combine both the design and build - having every stage of the process at our fingertips allows us to guarantee that your kitchen will exceed your expectation. We create outstanding kitchens that reflect personality and support your individual lifestyle, we work with you - engaging with your preferences and desires.

All of our designs are unique in their own way, no two kitchens of ours will ever be the same and every piece of your kitchen is built by hand, by our trained and managed team of skilled and master joiner, we understand our craft and the properties of our materials achieving the best in rigidity and performance.

Designing a kitchen at our London design studio.

How we create a kitchen design that is unique to our customers

Our London based kitchen designers guide you through a step-by-step process to ensure you get the best kitchen possible. As part of the process, we always conduct a survey of your proposed space and note any existing details that will remain or any architectural changes that will be made. In addition, we will discuss with you your interior design requirements. These include your colour scheme, floor detail, positioning of the lighting, and any other features you want to include in your kitchen.

The exciting part happens when our kitchen designers walk you through our effective design process.With our kitchen designers London we can coordinate every aspect to your taste, combining the colour of the cabinets with the handle hardware, accessories and building clever storage solutions. As soon as we have all the relevant details, we begin designing your dream kitchen.

Utilising clever design methods, we create kitchen plans and final designs that are inspiring. Our kitchen designer’s aim is to make your bespoke kitchen not only elegant, but ergonomic, you’re designs will be produced in virtual real time with lifelike imagery and panoramic photos, you also have scaled plans. The 3D approach gives us a visual of your kitchen, that provides a real sense of what your kitchen will start to feel like, this is the exciting bit.

What makes our kitchen design exceptional?

Whether we’re designing a small kitchen for a compact apartment or a vast country estate kitchen for a mansion, we take responsibility for the entire process. We design, fabricate and project manage the entire installation, from the initial consultation through to the final fitting, as we are partners in creating the kitchen of your dreams, this means you can relax, knowing that every aspect of your kitchen is in our capable hands, and that we’re as committed to making it perfect as you are.

Alongside our kitchen design, we are experts in kitchen craftsmanship, bringing our values of expertise, vision and understanding of materials into the process that will create a kitchen that is exceptional in design and in performance, the genuine heart of your home.

Exceptional craftsmanship, cutting edge kitchen design

As we create all of our bespoke kitchens from scratch we bring a clear understanding and uphold all the appreciation our products speak of themselves

Our kitchens are

  • Long lasting
  • Character rich
  • Knowledgeable design process
  • Our kitchens are made from real wood
  • Value into your home

Our kitchen designers in London bring full commitment to your needs, we work unceasingly to create timeless kitchens that will look as beautiful in the future as it does today.

Ergonomically appealing

Our Kitchens designers in London understand that space is important so our designs focus on utilizing it in the best possible way.

Gaining all insights into how you want your kitchen to function we cleverly position appliances and certain units to create a balance in the functionality of your kitchen.

Making specific units local to each other can make life a little more easier, for example positioning a bin unit near the sink and also near the dishwasher. The kettle or espresso machine situated near the storage for the coffee capsules or tea bags, which can be near a snack drawer or breakfast cereal shelf or bread drawer.

Its all about the little things sometimes.

Our expert craftspeople obtain real materials and tailor them to you, combining their skills with years of design experience to create practical kitchens that looks superb and are an enjoyable space to spend time in.

If you’re looking for a kitchen that is a joy to cook and a pleasure to dine in and give you great delight, contact us today to discover how we can create a bespoke kitchen that will bring such atmosphere into your home.


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