Bespoke Fitted Kitchens

While all bespoke kitchens are created, not all bespoke kitchens are created equal!

We can turn any space into a bespoke fitted kitchen. We take pride in creating kitchens that fit superbly and effortlessly into your home, creating a feeling as if it has always belonged there.

We go through great lengths to maximise your proposed kitchen space, ensuring that we deliver cabinetry filled with detailed frames, and doors, cornices and decorative mouldings making sure everything belongs where it should be.

We understand that not every home has absolute level walls and ceiling, so when we install our kitchen furniture we work with our recommended kitchen fitters that add definition to our bespoke fitted kitchens

Our installation team have unparalleled experience in delivering outstanding kitchen and with their skills we can ensure the fitting process to be very straightforward.

In order to achieve a seamless and simple installation we factor all of the possibilities and fundamentals into our fabrications process thus eliminating any unforeseen or on the spot decisions, rest assured that our active and practiced joinery skills will make your stand out kitchen designs a reality.

A bespoke walk-in pantry.

Impeccable Bespoke fitting

Even though our main skills are kept under the roof of our workshop, this is but one part of our ability to create Bespoke Fitted Kitchens Our fitting team analyse the best approach for each individual installation to achieve beyond satisfactory results ready for our finishers

A few reasons to buy Bespoke:

  • A long-lasting, thoughtfully designed kitchen that makes the best of your space.
  • An ergonomic approach that makes your kitchen easy and pleasant to work in.
  • Organic and high quality materials.
  • Built to last a lifetime.
  • Expert finishing and fitting.

If bespoke fitted kitchen is the only want to achieve your dream, and the investment will be completely worthwhile. We know how important the kitchen space is to every home and that’s why we invest more than expertise and skill in our kitchens; we invest our understanding and full commitment.

We’re as excited about your kitchen design as you are!

Choosing a bespoke fitted kitchen

At Andrei Anthony, we pride ourselves on offering the very best, not just in terms of cabinetry and joinery but also in service, design and vision. With our range of luxurious doors and frames, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer bespoke fitted kitchens to suit every home. With our bespoke fitted kitchens, you can customise the height and width of the cabinetry with our selection of in-frame designs and various options. What this means is that we don’t use filler pieces or offcuts of panels to complete your kitchen, instead our Shaker frames are individually designed for each kitchen, which enhances the symmetry of the cabinetry and are the components that conclude any irregular gaps

We keep a very close eye on details and the finishing touches, this is what sets our bespoke fitted kitchens apart from the others. We’re committed to designing, creating and fitting a kitchen that is uniquely crafted to fit wyour lifestyle. Our kitchens look good, and they feel fantastic to work in and to enjoy. The only way we can guarantee a kitchen that exceeds your expectations is to have oversight of every part of the process, so that we’re able to make sure every element is just right.

In addition, our kitchens are handcrafted in our own workshop, meaning that you benefit from expert craftsmanship, along with the highest quality materials. This means we can combine the practicality of everyday living with timeless style and versatility. No matter whether you need a galley kitchen in a sleek modern apartment or a sprawling country kitchen with space for kids, dogs, wellingtons and all the paraphernalia of outdoor living, our designers and craftsmen can create the perfect kitchen for you.

What makes our kitchens so special?

The perfect bespoke fitted kitchen isn’t just about appearances. The Andrei Anthony team focuses on creating a personalised kitchen that both suits your needs and fits your space - including designing storage that is innovative and customised solutions that integrate your needs and lifestyle seamlessly into your kitchen design.

Because we design, create and install every part of your kitchen ourselves, we have complete control over the process. Our skilled craftspeople participate in the production of each item, using classic joinery skills that deliver great performance and timeless elegance. This means that your kitchen doesn’t just look amazing, it functions beautifully, making your kitchen the hub of your home.

If you’re ready to enjoy the kitchen of your dreams and want a partner who will work with you to ensure that every aspect of your kitchen space is absolutely perfect, why not contact us today so that we can work with you to create the bespoke fitted kitchen you want and deserve.

"Our experience was effortless, they knew exactly what we wanted"

- Billy and Julia Stapleton, London

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